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This page is the "Terms and Conditions" that applies and binds users of the Arcigee.com. Please read this page carefully.

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Using of Arcigee.com

Both registered and non-registered users may use and access any content present on this Website for personal benefit concerned to the Employer and Job Seeker.

All the content on the Website of text, images, logo, software, and other content is under a copyright of protection and belongs to the property of PT. Arcigee Indonesia. The users is prohibited from abusing the use of the Website, modifying, selling, reproducing, using for commercial use, and other misuses.

Limitation of Accountability

The Company authorizes you to view and access available content on or from Arcigee.com only for your personal and non-commercial use.

With this, we assume you are agreed to the permitted law:

(a) We do not ensure that (i) The functions and services provided on this site will be free of any disturbance or errors including the security of this site; (ii) Failure will be fixed, or (iii) This site or server provides services that are free from viruses or harmful components;

(b) Any downloaded material or received through the use of this service is your own responsibility and risk. You will be fully responsible for any damage or loss of data resulting from that issues.

We will not responsible of any damage from the use of this site either directly or indirectly, whether individual or additional as the use of this site or the use of links located on our website, even though we have notified the users of potential loss or damage that may occur.

Security on the Site

With this rules, you agreed that the user is prohibited from violating or attempting to break the security of this Site, including:

(a) access data that is not intended for that user or log into any server or account to which the user is not authorized to access it,

(b) use the Site in any manner, or may, undermine this Site, by means of transmitting a virus to any Arcigee Site, or may cause harm to the Website, or any person or entity,

(c) Posting incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate biographical information or biographical information that is not your own resume,

(d) Delete or revise the material that posted by another person or entity,

(e) Merge, copy or duplicate in any way from the Website’s content or available information from any Arcigee Site.

Changes of Site’s Content

We declare that Arcigee.com reserves the right to updates or changes www.arcigee.com regularly and periodically or to changes its appearance and content, in order to serve better to each user. Arcigee may suspend the access to www.arcigee.com or temporarily close the site for an indefinite period.

Information about user and visitor to Arcigee.com reserves the right to process information about the Privacy Policy. By using our site, users agreed to process and ensuring all data that you provided to us is correct.

Regulating Laws

The Terms and Conditions of www.arcigee.com and relationships between users and Arcigee must comply and govern by the laws and the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Also, users agreed to be bound by the legal jurisdiction of this Country.