Retail & Consumer Product

Indonesia is one of the countries that listed in the state market for the retail sector along with China, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Malaysia. Retail and consumer product industry in Indonesia is expected to improve and incline to increase. Driving force of this sector is a large number of foreign retail and online shopping companies that are rife in Indonesia. However, the retail industry will continue to change along with the advancement of technology, business development, and consumer needs. To succeed in a competitive retail market, the company must have talents that can put the company forward and keep competent.

The growing of middle-class population in Indonesia leads retail business in Indonesia transformed from traditional to modern business while the consumer products industry becomes a significant needs on the broader community. Retail and consumer product companies can be categorized by Specialty Stores, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Catalog Stores, Chain Stores, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Minimarkets, Fashion Retail, Food & Beverages Retail, And Beauty & Cosmetic Retail.

The retail industry and consumer products are one of the considerations for foreign investors to enter Indonesia. This makes the government continue to focus on the challenges in this sector. To increase growth, you can recruit leader who has experience and qualifications that applies to your needs. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company’s performance, if you are looking for:

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Position For Retail And Consumer Product Sector

Head Of Marketing Department, Branch Clinic Manager, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Country Head Indonesia, Food Service Manager, Senior Merchandise Manager, Senior Marketing Manager, Brand & Marketing Manager, Visual Merchandising Manager, Store Manager, Finance And Accounting Manager, Retail Accounting Supervisor, Business Development Property, Facility Support Supervisor, Marketing Design, and others.

Arcigee as an HR consultant can help you in recruiting the best possible leader for your company. As one of the best recruitment company in Indonesia, we have experience in providing the best candidate for Clients in the retail and consumer product sector. With this experience, we aim to help to offer competent leader who can increase their contribution to this sector. The industries we have handled are:

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Arcigee as recruitment company has extensive talent pool with qualified executive candidates and we look forward to improving retail and consumer products sector’s advancement by helping to conduct adequate recruitment for Indonesian workers, especially in top level management. For those of you who want to seek new opportunities in retail and consumer products sector, we open various job vacancy for Assistant Manager, job vacancy for Head Office, job vacancy for Leader, job vacancy for CEO, job vacancy for Director, job vacancy for Supervisor, job vacancy for Senior Staff, job vacancy for General Manager, job vacancy for Manager, and others. We are looking forward to helping you to find your best career path.