Property & Developer

Property and developer sector is exciting business places to invest because it has good consumer needs and demand. The Price rise of land after construction is also an auspicious profit opportunity for investors. Bright prospects for property and development business prospects make investor interest to invest more and more.

Property and developer is one of the businesses that provide basic needs for Indonesian people, and this sector provides profit's assurance to the investor. There are various types of investment in property and developer, that is Residential Property (Apartment, Housing, Multi-Unit Building), Commercial Property (Storing, Parking Area, Land), Industrial Property (Factory Building).

Property and developer business is an excellent opportunity for investors because Indonesia has a wide of land and a significant population that followed by stable economic growth. To improve this sector, you need a leader with innovations. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company’s performance, if you are looking for:

Assistant Manager




Senior Staff

General Manager


Position For The Property & Developer Sector

Operation Director, Sales & Marketing Director, Sales Manager, GM Sales & Marketing, Financial Controller, Graphic Designer, Leasing Supervisor, Marketing Executive, Legal mortgages, Building Manager, GM-Operations, Marketing Property Team Leader, Architect, Civil Engineering, HR & GA Manager, IT Senior Officer, and others.

Arcigee as one executive search firm in Jakarta can help you in recruiting the best possible leader for your company. As one of the best headhunter in Indonesia, we have experience in providing the best candidate for Clients in the property & developer sector. With this experience, we aim to help to offer competent leader who can increase their contribution to this sector. The industries we have handled are:

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Arcigee as executive search has extensive talent pool with qualified executive candidates and we look forward to improving property & developer sector’s advancement by helping to conduct adequate recruitment for Indonesian workers, especially in top level management. For those of you who want to seek new opportunities in property & developer sector, we open various job vacancy for Assistant Manager, job vacancy for Head Office, job vacancy for Leader, job vacancy for CEO, job vacancy for Director, job vacancy for Supervisor, job vacancy for Senior Staff, job vacancy for General Manager, job vacancy for Manager, and others. We are looking forward to helping you to find your best career path.