Power Plant

The demand for electricity continues to increase, driven by economic growth and the growth of middle-class society in Indonesia. This sector will be a great business opportunity as the government seeks to improve the development of this sector’s infrastructure and expand access to electricity to the public. The program to accelerate the construction of a 35,000 MW power plant is in the process by the government to produce an affordable price, so electricity prices do not continue to rise but cheaper.

Construction of power plants in Indonesia is expected to meet the targets that all households in Indonesia can enjoy the electricity. Electric power has become a necessity for every person in a country; therefore the construction of this power plant has benefits and justice to the people of Indonesia. The primary factor in growing this industry is with the availability of sufficient and reliable power. This can ease the burden and cost of production, such as machinery, fuel & coal, paper, textile, chemical and other industries.

The power plant industry attracts many investors both in multinational and national companies, where it takes a lot of employment in the developers of this sector to produce the right management methods. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company’s performance, if you are looking for:

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Position For Power Plant Industry

Technical Product Implementation, Civil Engineer, Technician Building, Structural Engineer, Key Account Manager, Sales Engineer, Electric Mechanic, Electrical Engineering Chief, Drafter Electrical, HRD Manager, HVAC Supervisor, and others.

Arcigee as one of the top executive search firm Indonesia can help you in recruiting the best possible leader for your company. As one of best headhunter Indonesia, we have experience in providing the best candidate for Clients in the power plant industry. With this experience, we aim to help to offer competent leader who can increase their contribution to this sector.

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