Financial Services

Financial services in Indonesia are growing rapidly in banking and capital market sectors. Indonesia's stock market also continues to increase, due to the strengthening of economic fundamentals and proper fiscal management, so that Indonesia's economic growth continues to improve. With the development of the digital era also triggered the demand for digital-based financial services. Of course, this makes people feel easier in transacting only by using the internet via smartphone or computer.

Many foreign investors are re-investing in Indonesia because they believe Indonesian economy is getting better. This is proven by the reviews of Fitch Ratings and Moody's with positive news that there are many Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) investing in Indonesia, such as tourism, banking, real estate, oil & gas and other industries. Financial services categories are included in Bank, Leasing, Securities, Stock Exchange, Insurance, Mortgage, Guarantee Institution, Capital Company, Credit Guarantee Company, Infrastructure Guarantee Company, Indonesian Export Supply Institution, Secondary Housing Financing Company, Social Security Administering Board, Microfinance, and others.

To not getting left behind in the needs of society and every organization in Indonesia, the financial sector is required to adapt and to keep improving. Especially in the development of this postmodern era, which is because its easier that information can be accessed anywhere. Therefore, this sector is expecting experienced leaders that have suitable skills that can continue to improve. To handle these issue, Arcigee can assist in recruiting highly-qualified leader to increase your company’s performance, if you are looking for:

Assistant Manager




Senior Staff

General Manager


Position For Financial Services

Head Of Internal Audit, Business Development Manager, Branch Coordinator Manager, Senior Corporate Finance, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Hedge Funds Manager, Private Equity And Venture Capital, Financial Planning, Insurance Manager, Accounting Director, Finance Manager, Accounting & Tax Senior Staff, Account Receivable Manager, and others.

Arcigee as one of the best headhunter company in Indonesia can help you in getting the best leader for your company. As one of the executive search company in Indonesia, we have experience in providing the best candidate for Clients in the financial services. With this experience, we aim to help to offer competent leader who can increase their contribution to this sector. The industries we have handled are:

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Arcigee as recruitment consultant has extensive talent pool with qualified executive candidates and we look forward to improving financial services sector’s advancement by helping to conduct adequate recruitment for Indonesian workers, especially in top level management. For those of you who want to seek new opportunities in financial services sector, we open various job vacancy for Assistant Manager, job vacancy for Head Office, job vacancy for Leader, job vacancy for CEO, job vacancy for Director, job vacancy for Supervisor, job vacancy for Senior Staff, job vacancy for General Manager, job vacancy for Manager, and others. We are looking forward to helping you to find your best career path.