The Truth Behind Executive Search As Recruiter

30 April 2018. by Admin

Advantage executive search for the company

Every time you want to recruit executive position into your company, two ways probably comes in your mind, you can let HR department to do the job and save your money or hire executive search and let them handle it.

The question is, which one is better?

There’s a time when you have difficulty to find the right candidate for a specific position, especially at a senior level. You want to make sure you do not choose the wrong people in that role.

HR departments become the first choice of every company in recruiting people. In addition to saving money, they also know well about the position and kind of person the company wants.  However, there are a limited resource and experience in particular function, and they are more passive in searching for candidates than headhunters like us.

Different from HR Department, recruiting  firms possess extensive resources, links, and team that experts in finding the right and qualified candidate for a top managerial position. As an executive search company, we can reach out to a passive job seeker, which is not actively looking for a new job, but may be open to new opportunities. In that case, they would not have been noticed without our help.

So, it’s probably a good idea if you are combine both of HR Department and Executive Search to work together to find your best candidate, you can get more advantages than you have now.


And which headhunter that expert in finding the best candidate?

Benefit using Headhunter Arcigee

Arcigee Executive Search is one of the Top Headhunter in Indonesia, we strive to provide highly-qualified talents to suit our Clients’ needs. We have extensive resources over 700.000 executive candidates in our talent pool that can help you to find the right candidate. We have delivered highly-qualified candidates to fill its Clients’ needs for strategic hires from mid-management to the executive level across all functional disciplines. We are expert in:

  • Identifying prospects who are a perfect fit for the desired role.
  • Finding talent that isn't actively searching.
  • Help your firm save time and effort while finding the best candidates for the job.
  • Specialized in more than one industry, they strive to handle the recruitment process in all covered sector
  • Fill a position faster than you would on your own.
  • Dedicating a lot of hours and resources to the process. A headhunter provides the best money and time investment for the task.
  • Experienced and well-connected


Why do you choose Arcigee?

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